Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Outdated Baskin Robbin's Post.. Its the 9th June today..

I think, every time I want to make a post that will make some of you guys turn green, always fire back at me with delays and more....delays..

Oh well, I'm 13 days late to make you forgetful people turn green cause you have miss the 31st day of the month to enjoy 31% discount from Baskin Robbins..

But trust me, I buying ice cream is a total coincidence.. :p

Anyway, I was having dinner with my family but couldn't resist the light from baskin robbins luring me into getting a quartz..

*I turning into a bug..*
IMG_0173 copy

I went there, and we had to take a number.. SERIOUSLY!! Its like, making password, but tastier..
Baskin Robins

Get my number, enter the shop, still have to line up..
Line up

Finally the staff ask, what your flavor?
Erm... Iron taste la of course...

Whats your flavour?

Told them my flavor, and, pay money also have to wait..

But, the fun doesn't ends there...

It the dry ice that comes along with the ice cream...
:D *Read on*
Dry Ice

You know, if you went on stage and so on, and you see those misty effects...
Its not because some guy hired another guy to smoke 20 cigarettes one go to make the misty effect, its because of dry ice.

What? Dry ICE?
YEA...DRY ICE and just add WATER.. and you get..
The Chemistry

The misty effect...
Misty Fall

Like these... So nice hor..
Oh well, after playing with dry ice, then only I place the ice cream into the freezer..

Science comes first! :D


So, whats your flavor?
*half the picture quality not good is because I was using a Canon Ixus 750*
Long live SONY!!


SilverIsle said...

What lar you. So ungrateful. Blame your Canon pulak. =P

CincauHangus ( said...

eh ppl use fire extinguishers for smoke effect laaa. :P

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