Saturday, June 21, 2008

Behind the Scene in a kitchen at Palace of Golden Horses

Alright, so, this will sum up my food review at Palace of Golden Horses...

And, I'll sum it up with a little behind the scene..

Ok Ok, so, we ended the day with some black and white chocolate.
DSC04128 copy

We talked and talked, actually, I was more like just listening to the interesting topic being discuss between Sidney and the Chefs..

Example, chemical food and fresh food...

I'll save that topic for my food science friend to talk about la..haha...

Ok ok,
This is my first time dining in the kitchen itself, and I must say, I was really impress.
Dining in kitchen or out in the open with public, I must say, the Chefs at Palace of Golden Horses still pay attention to every detail on keeping the diners happy.

I myself really enjoyed my dining experience in the kitchen, and I believe, just a thought, everyone should dine in the kitchen from now on! Haha...

DSC04000 copy

First time dining in a kitchen,
this is also my first time, taking pictures with chef!!
haha... Just look at how friendly they are.. Like one big happy family that love to cook..
DSC03910 copy

DSC03905 copy

Anyway, I met Kenny Sia Mah there....
DSC04139 copy

and a lady who can talk so much about food.. It just keeps me wondering, is what I'm studying now what I enjoy doing.. Because, food just sounds to interesting... It like, never ending!!
DSC04141 copy

OK, here is also an interesting...thing la..haha..

everyone seems to be interested in these fruit.. So, I just snap a picture.. :D
DSC03921 copy

Anyway, let me show you a picture, of a food, that was not up to the chef standard..
DSC04051 copy

Almost no different huh.. but, here is what wise chef Ricky have to say
DSC04095 copy
"If it is duck, you would want to make the sauce more dilute.
If it was beef, you would want to make the sauce more ticker."

There you have it, a LAW on FOOD!


Here is how well, and clean their hands was when preparing food..

Anyway, if you think having a pet lobster in a kitchen is funny..
Kitchen Pet

and seeing a blogger take picture is not funny..
Kenny Mah

try seeing a chef taking picture?
Haha... I must say, all of us on that day, learn a little extra knowledge..

Anyway, my most favorite picture on that day, have to be this (below)
Picture Nice Food
It might not be the best, but, I just like it, and I don't know why..

Once again,
Thanks to:

Chef Ricky Parlanti,
A famous retired chef, you can check him out more at

Palace of Golden Horses
Chef Roy and Chef Wilfred and Friend's of Chef


Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is explosive post! Sounds like a professional foodie in making!

Choo Hwei Ming said...

haha.. I wish la..haha..

I dont think till today, anyone can describe a food like KY does

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