Friday, June 13, 2008

More updates on the out of date blog!

Hey, lookie here, more soon to come updates, and making more out of date!



I went to TEMPTationS at Renaissance Hotel to try out their food with bigboysoven
Here is one photo of the food, fetch out of hundreds of pictures taken...
It was a buffet, what do you expect.. :D
DSC04799 copy
The food was yummy.. I love the ice cream... OMG! I'm getting fat from all these food review!!

I blame sidney from bigboysoven for that!! :D

Another update...

I when to J.W. Marriott in conjunction with the premiering of Made of Honour brought to you by Hong Leong Online and it's associates.

Here's a group photo of..most of us there..
DSC04883 copy
Picture will be available...NOT SO SOON!!

Anyway, I wanna share some photos I taken within these few days..

I took many pictures, endless actually.. But, it was one really special night,
I just wanted to capture something that I've always take for granted.
It's the MooN...
DSC04183 copy
Everyone always never look up and see the moon. Worst, if it was a city boy and city girl.
The light pollution in the city just makes all those wonder things in the night sky, disappear.

Have you guy ever see the moon, so clear, it looks like you can almost touched it.
And when you think of Neil Armstrong and his space-man that has already set foot on the moon, you just realize how far away has man gone, and that gives you a sudden cold rush that chills your spine. I bet you never had.. anyway...

Bad things always happen during a full moon..

So lets just burn it down...

DSC04175 copy

Anyway, whose up for Baskin Robbins next?


and, a second anyway,
Have you check out of Old Trafford post yet?

Please do! Give it a click!(on the image)


~YM~ said...

haha..u were early at the hotel too! keke.. wait a min..or have u been in the hotel wayyy earlier..erhem..
keke.. jz kidding..

Meet u at the next event k? Missed out on the DGMB outing cos i was away from KL. n_n

joshuaongys said...

our group pic is DAMN NICE!! but the moon one is nicer.. i love thse kinda pics...NICE!!

SJ said...

Really worthy to get a 2k lens. Your picture damn nice :P But where other?

Simon Seow said...

So nice to know BBO. Food, I want food.

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