Monday, June 23, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash Part 1

DSC04231 copy

Ok, so, I got the tickets to go Roxy Summer Splash, got the hearts to go too, but, was, squash like never before...

Even the police man beg for help!!
DSC04258 copy

anyway, we, big hearted people, wanted to get in so badly, wanting to know what was going on inside..
DSC04247 copy

Oh well, after 2 hours of being sardined..

we manages to get in..
DSC04280 copy

And Oh MY GOD!! The crowd at the back of us, is just, gastronomical!
DSC04328 copy

Anyway, a few pictures to proof that, my friends and I made it in!! wahahaa...
DSC04274 copy
Kel Li, Sheng Li & Sheng Mae .. they make up, Li Li and Sheng Sheng..

DSC04279 copy
Cincau Hangus... and..somebody's digital camera..

DSC04296 copy
Kel Li and Uncle Sheon

DSC04298 copy
Kel Li and Little Hwei Ming

Anyway, next, more on what I did in Sunway Lagoon..
DSC04324 copy

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