Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mister Potato + Nuffnang = Project Trafford



So, my last entry I only talk about the objectives of Project Trafford, so, right now, right here, is the explanation of the top secret campaign.

“Project Trafford is Nuffnang's Top Secret campaign for Mister Potato. The mission of Project Trafford is to promote Mister Potato's Contest which enables the winners a free trip to Old Trafford, home of the Red Devils Manchester United.”

*scratch disc sound*


What are you waiting for??

Waiting for me to tell you how can you win a free trip to Old Trafford?

OK… Read on…


DSC04156 copy

Buy Mister Potato 160g limited edition canister and/or empty packs of any 85g or 55g limited edition pack. Remember only to get the limited edition canister or pack. You’ll notice the limited edition canister or pack as footballers on it. You can’t miss it.


DSC04160 copy


DSC04169 copy

Collect as many seals and packs as you can and sent it to Mister Potato.

For more information on where and how to sent an entry, log on to triple W dot mister potato dot com dot MY or click here.

Ask me how to win those free trips to Old Trafford,

I would say, go beg, go plea, go rob and go to the garbage bin and collect those seals and packs!

And when you win, that’s all that matters actually.

Anyway, after endless of discussion and brainstorming, group G, known as Bambi has come up with a secret plan to boast our little project.

DSC03651 copy

Lookie here...OMG… It’s Hannah Tan!!


Ok... so read this little comic strip for an inspiration to go to Old Trafford

Alright, here is a little behind the scene photo to end this wonderful project that I have experience.

DSC03645 copy

Discussing while sitting down…

DSC03638 copy

Discussing while standing up…

DSC03643 copy

Taking time out watching TV… :p

DSC03653 copy

Oh yea...And endless photo taking session...

Now we can call ourselves, Snow White and the seven dwarfs...No more Bambi!! :p


So what are you waiting for?

Log on to

Hoi.. to all Man U fan! Here's your time to shine!!

Don't forget to check out my group mates blog for the updates.. (Done) (Done) (Done) (Done) (Done) (Done)


klubbkidd said...

what am i? the Trippy - the pink dwarf? LOL!

Big Boys Oven said...

I was fun work with you all thanks to mister potato!

yapthomas said...

i jeles you all got hannah tan!! hmmphhh!!

joshuaongys said...

buahahahahhahahahahahah dun be jeles dun be jeles.. the doll is with hwei ming haha u can get hannah's doll from him haha

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