Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash Part2

So, as I was saying, I manage to get into Sunway Lagoon..
DSC04280 copy

and, haha.. do, or more like...see..what other people do..

I saw girl fighting..
DSC04302 copy

Guy bullying girl..
DSC04284 copy

Guy looking at girl...
DSC04333 copy

Guy, running towards me...
DSC04340 copy

Girl looking at girl..
DSC04348 copy

and, randomness, Dance all night day long...
DSC04349 copy

We left the place, after 2 hours inside, and OMG..the crowd was still there!!
DSC04398 copy

So, next, is what we spend our last few moment of Roxy Summer Splash..


Simon Seow said...

Crazy crowd! I still don't know why I queue up 2 hours for this.

sook koon said...

WAH!! the crowd!! gosh.. lol.. well i never been there before!! i want to go so much but no chance..

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