Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brief Stories/Pictures..

I have been really busy, no time to actually sit my butt on the computer and update... well..
Allow me to give a brief update first then..

I was spotted at KLPAC...

DSC03208 copy

and then, on god given end of the month happiness,
I was spotted at..

IMG_0173 copy

hahaha... yea.. I know.. you should have wished I reminded you right?

Anyway, I went to a food review at The Palace of Golden Horses....
Thanks to BigBoysOven

DSC03759 copy

DSC03832 copy

And, OMG... I went to Roxy Summer Splash '08 yesterday...

Anyway, TO THE CROWD other my friends and family who went there... ((:P)

DSC04231 copy

DSC04190 copy

DSC04207 copy

DSC04302 copy

You'll know why soon enough..

Anyway, I will be blogging about it, when I have all the pictures and video and..GIF of Kel Li and Sheng Li.. All the Li Li... flying backward!! hahahaha...

DSC04373 copy
Anyway, Stay Tune..

Food Review People, I'll be processing my pictures soon, wait in about a day or 2..
DGMB-ians and friends, picture will be a day or 2 or 3 after I finish my food review pictures..

Blog update for the food review, is pending food menu, recipe and name..
Updates for RSS (Roxy Summer Splash) will be waiting for all the pictures from everyone.. Hahaha..

In the mean time, ice cream man, coming up next..

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iCalvyn said...

the picture is nice :)

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