Thursday, June 19, 2008

Main Course and Dessert at Palace of Golden Horses Malaysia

Alright right, if there is starters, where is main course and dessert.
Just like, action and reaction.

So lets starts with beef on my voyage to complete my food review in a restaurant in Palace of Golden Horses. (More info on it once I get it)

So, guys and girls, meet Moo....
Beef in sauce mixed with red wine top with garlic roasted with olive and asparagus.
The big white leafs, I totally forgotten what it is. I'll fill up the info once I've the menu and possibly recipe.. :P

It is truly unlike any other beef I've tasted. It's just done right for the mouth to chew and feel it's rich flavors in your mouth..


Ok..ok.. lets meet Mr. Beh... or, what was part of Mr. Beh...
The lamb was good, real good actually... Very soft the tender...
medium rare, lets meet Miss Quak....
I don't really like duck... but, I like Miss Quak..cause she didn't taste like the normal duck at all..

Oh wait, did i just mention that I tasted Miss Quak?

Ops... :)

And now, desert..

Mango with Rum...
Mango Rum
I would like to elaborate more on this.

Normally, when you mix rice with food, rice is rather tasteless and all you can taste is your food.
This is the first time, I tasted something, so, CONTRA!! Its like, sweet and alcohol.. It really enrich the mango taste..

The last dish I had was.. a very colorful and happy Christmas dessert..

Why do i call it Christmas, well, just look at the colors, it's red and green (Santa) with flakes of white (snow).. *winks*
Christmas Dessert
Haha... do notice the size of the raspberry...
It was the last thing i ate on that plate.. haha..

alright, that almost sums up my entire entry... just one more to go..
Behind the Scene
Behind the scene.. where the chef cooks your food..

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