Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Photo for the Random Readers.. hehehe..

So, I've never properly introduce my dog, Ruby...

Readers, this is my dog Ruby..
If you ever try to get into my house, without me knowing, rest to sure that, Ruby, my dog, will give you a greetings, you will never forget!
DSC02364 copy
And also too, this blog is heavily guard by Ruby's online, anti plagiarism software.. It will bite if caught!

See.. She is on alert.. :p
DSC02363 copy



C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

haha... maybe i'll try plagiarising one of your post.. and we'll see how Ruby works.. HAHAHA

allaboutattitude said...

Such a pretty dog.
Check out

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