Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nokia IAC at Zouk KL (Inside Zouk, Later go out and up ok???)

Ok..Ok.. Let tour guide Hwei Ming bring you inside Zouk on the 10th May 2008..

DSC02512 copy

Ok... Lets go Terrace Bar!!
Terrace Bar playing home to the mellow sounds of singer-songwriters.

Go there...was shock to see..Why so many people??
DSC02665 copy

Why ar??

Jan_E also tak tau, Simon also don't know...
DSC02653 copy

Oh, Alaling was singing.. No wonder la...

A very sweet singer, with sweet voice...
Make music sounds so happy..
DSC02659 copy

Check out her singing la.. Surely you put replay it one...

Next, we have the Lurks!!

This dude sing with his lungs out!!!
Seriously passionate about music!!
DSC02610 copy

DSC02612 copy

Ok, now go downstairs, go Velvet...

The Velvet Underground resounding to the beats of DeeJays and Hip Hop acts...

Ok, so, I don't have much chun pictures..because Velvet was so dark, and my flash unit doesn't have a diffuser...

But, all I say was that, it was fantastic.
There were DJ Clinic by none other then, DJ Fuzz.. Point Blanc (IpohMali dudes) was there too...

It was so great that this dude came and shuffle on the dancing floor..
DSC02645 copy
Wah, Nokia IAC cap caught in action too... people, lets go back up to Zouk Main Room...

and look...Deserters!!

In the Main Room is all about independent Rock bands!!
You know, those kind of head banging music your mama don't want you to listen at...but you still do...
IMG_0507 copy
Deserters was great!! Its not your average rock band!! It's your LOCAL rock band!!

Ok, the sky is getting dark.. lets go out to Terrace Bar..
Why go out again say you???

Because, Pete Teo is there!!
The most successful English singer songwriter in Malaysia!!

DSC02767 copy
You can cheak out more about him on his website.. .. Quite obvious huh... :p

Hem, always get block by someone when wanna take picture...
DSC02615 copy

Ok, anyway, that sums up almost everything.. one more post and it's all done!! Then, get back to Marie Digby post..

So, what is coming next???

Statue of Liberty Thomas

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Woman said...

hi hwei ming!

thanks for posting our pics and our demo song up! hope u had fun hor.. :D

we're sharing the stage with Superbar this may 29 at Groove Junction, come if u free k! show starts at 930pm, no cover charge we heard, so yay!

hope to see ya!

ching/alaling & the kaya koks

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