Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marie Digby Part 2..

Continuation of Marie Digby post..... this is PART 2...

anyway, the close up pictures of Marie Digby is taken by Kellster...
She was having the all access media passes..

enjoy some pictures taken by Kel li Goh... :)
DSC02942 copy

DSC02922 copy

DSC02921 copy

and now, back to Hwei Ming.. :p

So yea, there were so freaking many people.. and everyone was pushing one another to to get close to Marie...
DSC02968 copy
even the floor above us was..PACK!! like sardin!!
DSC02967 copy

anyway, a few of us hang out way back..when, abang pop and friends came and join us...taking pictures of ourselves la..haha...
DSC02949 copy

I particularly remember what Jason said,"So go back, all pictures of ourselves only.."

Being way back from the fun, we had our little own fun.. CAM Whoring.. :p
DSC02987 copy

anyway, this is one of the best picture I've taken..
DSC02969 copy
Marie Digby in a camera...


Aronil said...

on one hand i'm quite glad i didn't got.. and now i know why.. my gosh look at that crowd??? Gila!

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

How i wish i was there.. love her lots...thanks for publishing the photos..

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