Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marie Digby Eat Nandos?? No??

Part 1 of Marie Digby Post

You knew Marie Digby was in KL right? but, I also know that you didn't know I was there.. Haha.. Who would? There were to many people there!! Literary, sardine!!


DGMB-ian gather at nandos before the event.. for dinner...
DSC02858 copy

Some of the early birds...
DSC02856 copy

DSC02864 copy
and ladies...

Group photo of the one that ate at nandos...
DSC02866 copy

Saw something funny, must take picture... the screen!!
DSC02870 copy

DSC02873 copy
The two posing for me..haha..


we go down to stage next ok?? I'll show you how many people was there...
DSC02886 copy

anyway, if anybody want marie digby pictures, let me know..

1 comment:

Terri said...

tipu orang punya.
im supposed to b : terri chan (the beautiful) over there in ur blogroll heheheh

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