Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nokia IAC at Zouk KL (The first part of many part to come)

Just got back from Nokia IAC event at Zouk KL..
Special thanks to David, the one in Nokia, and Nigel, the one in Quiksilver, me, Hwei Ming, hopefully the one from DuPont.. hehe... for the passes into Nokia's IAC..

Just to start with, IAC stands for Indepent Artists Club and it is a part of Nokia...
It is to bring music into the digital age, and make underground bands, above ground.. :p

Do check out their website by clicking the image below...
anyway, it is my very first time at Zouk, KL, and I got to spend time with most of the bunch of noisy bloggers i when movie outing with...

anyway too, here's 2 photos to make this post less boring..
The before party
Sorry Josh.. didn't realise your eyes is close... I'll put on a fake eye for you for the next picture.. :)

The After Party
I was really shock.. my jaw drop...have you seen Nadia new hair style?? hehe..look so different..

anyway, i'm off to bed la.. aching arms is killing me..

night everyone..
wait photo patiently k.. :)


Yatz said...

what an abrupt entry..LOL

joshuaongys said...

me likey your pics haha

Simon Seow said...

I like Nadia's hair. So striking.

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