Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mummy, Look what I've caught for you!!

Just got back from Marie Digby showcase at One Utama.. Will give a little update on it on my next post. Then, I'll be my Nokia post, then maybe a random post, then only Marie Digby post..


Anyway, here's a story from the title itself...

While working on my new house, mummy and I took a break from collecting unused nails on the floor.

Knowing that soon, I'll be leaving for the UK, I got pretty manja and decided to sat on my mummy's lap, just like when I was still a toddler..

Teasing mummy how much she will miss me when I'm gone....

and suddenly, I felt like I was being watched!!

I turn and look around, and notice this particularly weird looking leaf..
or it is??
and...Look what I've spotted!!
DSC02832 copy
Spying on me some more..what a bug la...
DSC02825 copy
and guess wert, it is actually looking at me!!
DSC02822 copy
but...so what.. I've caught it!! hehehe....
DSC02813 copy
Now, it's time to release it back into the wild.... bye bye bug..

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