Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hwei Ming & Family at BrickFields on Wesak Day

What A way to end May, with a post, With me and "May" Family...

It has been my 3rd year straight going to Wesak Prayers during Wesak Day.. I use not to go when I was younger...

DSC03086 copy

Going there in the morning to beat the traffic..when it was all cozy and calm, really makes it a good time to feel closer to..whatever la..
DSC03070 copy
This year Wesak celebration wasn't as huge as last year, though, they still have most of what usually was there..
Reason was because, the extra funds received was and will be donated to the quake and cyclone victims.

DSC03071 copy
One thing still haven't change, the fantastic lighting...

DSC03072 copy
Anyway, I had a friend who help out there, and it has been 3 straight years I've keep stumbling on him at the exact same spot..

This time, he lets me into the fire-ry place to snap some pictures..
DSC03078 copy

DSC03075 copy

DSC03077 copy
It is seriously hot inside the tent!! haha..
DSC03076 copy
Anyway, I manage to grap a picture with him before I left..
DSC03085 copy
Happy Belated Wesak Day people, I hope you have enjoyed the day as much as I did.

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curryegg said...

Looks like I've missed some of your posts.. Adoi.. sorry ya..
I love these photos in this post.. Unexplainable why.. Just I can feel the harmony feeling.. ;)

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