Monday, May 19, 2008

Because I was Hungry!!!

It was not long ago, I was hungry.. Duh.. Who wouldn't be??

But, this was no ordinary hunger!! I was so hungry, that I do not wish to speak to anyone, or cook any food.

So I sad infrront my computer, oh so hungry can die!!

It was then, I decided to order pizza... online!! :p

with a few click of a buttons.. in half an hour time, my pizza will arrive...

oh wait...half an hour time.. I can bath before my pizza... or, I can catch up with some friends at that time... or, I can watch cartoon while waiting... or, maybe update my blog...

but, I was just too lazy, and wanted someone to rant about my hunger...

oh wait... I dont want to rant to 1 fellow... why not my followers in Twitter!! :p




How Yon
Hau Yon



haha..and me...

If you are reading Kellster reply to me in Twitter... Just to let you know that, no pizza was stolen..hahaha...

So, are you following me or not?
Faster follow me!!


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