Sunday, May 18, 2008

Inside and Outside Zouk!!(The Saga Ends here!!)

This is part3. Read Part2 and Part1.
Or read all post with the Tag IAC here.

Okie Dokie... Here are all the not so relevant pictures and what I did during the Nokia IAC at Zouk on the 10th May...

well, for starters!! I got a VIP pass man!!!
But, why was not it relevant?
I got it when the event was going to end, just to get into the loft for dinner from Nokia.. :D
DSC02762 copy

Another not so relevant pictures for the event, but very relevant for me...
Group Photo!!!
Ok.. see if I can remember,
From Left: Cheong, Thomas Yap, Nadia, Simon, Aaron Ho, David Cheong, Randy, Joshua, Will, Yuan, Stanley, Nigel.. Fuah!!

Not in picture but at event...
Yatz, Jan_E, David Lian, David Lai, Robb more fellow forgot what name already..
I think its

Anyway, here is a picture of David Lian...
Not ultra geeky also... :p
DSC02782 copy

Hey look..more irrelevant picture of the event!!
Food!! Yum Yum!! I love food!!!
DSC02784 copy

This two fellow(below) was like following where the action

So happy to see them happy, since the video cam is not light weighted at all!!
DSC02753 copy

3rd time block my camera man!!!
I gonna get a twist able lens next time they invent it!!
DSC02744 copy

anyway, the bloggers, well, most of the bloggers.. sneak out of the event due to dire need of some human fuel!!

Was freaky hungry and angry thirsty.. :D

We went to A&W to fill up..and well, take more pictures..

Robb claim fond over Chili sauce...
DSC02678 copy

Yuan was just happy to eat!! see...
DSC02682 copy

Nigel... well, is just Nigel.. :D
DSC02680 copy

DSC02690 copy
finally huh..a picture of me.. :p

Another group photo!!
DSC02669 copy

Anyway, one can only say that much with a mouth.. But a pictures say a thousand words....
Unfortunately, an animation of Thomas goes up till billions!!


We love you Thomas!!
Always stay happy and do funny faces!!

Special thanks to all the photographers,
Hwei Ming, David, Nigel, Aaron Ho, Nadia, Joshua

Sorry if I miss out anyone..
Did I?

Anyway, whose up for Domino's Pizza Next?


Aronil said...

dang it i shouldn't have read it. Now I'm hungry!!! I want that carbonara!

joshuaongys said...

ur post nice wehhh... lolx hehehe

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