Friday, March 7, 2008

Why Will I never be in a rock band!!

There are many reason why I can never be in a rock band, like one of my friend, Seok Kheng or SilverIsle.

1) I'm bad at reading notes. All those dots with wiggly tail give me sea sick.

2) I only know basic of piano, flute and yea, the very basic of the Malaysian School, the Recorder. And, if you consider tapping on table making a tune out of it, then, thats one more musical trait that I have.

3) I'm hopeless at music.

No matter how much support I was getting from Seok Kheng, and her encouraging picture of me in being a rock star. I'm still hopeless..

*Picture from Seok Kheng's Blog*

Don't believe me I suck at music?
Here's a sample on why I'll never be in a rock band!

Music I play also, not as hardcore as Seok Kheng's Robot Jam!

I seriously need to improve more on the musical side of me if I wanna lure hot babe into my arms for self satisfaction.. :)

Anyway, It is Women's day today, and Same Vellu Birthday and, Al-Kapitan Birthday!

Happy Birthday all!

Anyway, Malaysia, Vote wise too since it is election day today!

As for me, I'm gonna answer my IELTS exam wisely!

Wish me luck!

Take care guys!


cibol said...

well at least you play piano better than me ... :) no need to be in a rock band la dude. solo oso can wat? I do solos most of the time ..

Choo Hwei Ming said...

solo ar? wahhaha...but, being in a rock band, cover more area of girls!!.. :p

I'm so horny!!

must stop la...

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