Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Update!

My Baby is Back!!

My voices in the night,
My light to cast my shadow,
My gateway to porn YouTube before bed,
My sexy secretary,
With skin so smooth, so... exotic!
So nice to touch, and when touch, it functions!


I better stop getting orgasm with my iPod Touch.

So, last 2 weeks, my iPod Touch somehow, was diagnose with a faulty WiFi receiver!

And no, it is not due to excessive use of WiFi to watch porn YouTube.

Oh Well, the best thing about this is, I sent my porn gateway iPod Touch, and Apple (Machines) just slap me with a new iPod Touch.

The Reason: Apparently, here in Malaysia, they don't do open repair.. :)

Which is a good thing for me!

and now, I got a brand new iPod Touch!

*I know.. I was shaking.. I was taking in an awkward position!*

Anyway, NEXT...............

I've already gotten my UNCONDITIONAL OFFER from The University of Manchester!

However, I'm not excited at all!

The options are on me, to click, Firm (confirm go), Insurance (Last resort) or Drop (Don't want go)

But, I guess, I would key in firm, since I got no where els to go.

My regrets: I should have applied to Leeds as back up.

Hmph... after this, gotta think about my accommodation...

The accommodation ranges from 61-105 pound!!
However, it offers a relatively good deal.
  • Flexible Payment methods
  • Safe and secure with residential staff on site
  • All utilities included
  • Free possessions insurance for all students
  • 10 Mbps Broadband Internet connections in all bedrooms
  • Private telephone lines in most bedrooms
  • Supportive university administration interested in YOUR welfare
I'm gonna be real broke when I graduate!!


I watch a very funny video on somewhere wish I've forgotten.
It has something to do with STD and the song Hey There Delilah..

So, remember, protection first!!

Also, anyway.....

What the hell man... I'm only 19 going 20 this year!!
I'm not 21, 25 or 27 k!!

Do I look that old?
Do I have wrinkles?
If I were 27 already, I'll be married!!
Do I look married to you!!

No right?
My birthday is on the 27th August.
Now that you know, I'll be expecting something!

And, another story!!

Proton announce that all proton cars, high end to low end, now, will be equip with ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System)

For the car noobz out there,
ABS is a system which prevents the wheels from locking while braking.
If you don't know what is braking, it is that pedal in the middle (manual car) or the left pedal (Auto car), when you stump your feet on it.

If you stump it real hard, then, it is call, emergency braking.. Not Berak-king..

Anyway, I was driving down to Pudu and my cousin, Lee Meng, ask me,
"Hwei Ming, do you know that proton now produces car with ABS"
and I said,"They should!! It's about time!!"
and he said,"Do you know what ABS they put?"
and I said,"The Anti-locking braking something la..."
He look at me.. and smile.. and said,
" No la...they put ABS, Ada Brake Sudahlah!!!"

So, there you have it!
Ada Brake Sudahlah Car of the year!!


Jan said...

o_O you only 20 dis yr?? actually i tot u shud be same age v me... lol..
no worries, i only 1 age older then u^^ btw hey hey my birthday oso at august leh xP

Choo Hwei Ming said...

power!! August babies are always powerful!! :)

I'm still young la.. I have the entire world ahead of me still!!

Yin Hao said...

omg i want that ipod touch! D:

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