Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Week PhotoBlog!

First Again!

Hahaha.. My Baby is again the first car to set foot wheels, on the newly cemented pavement!


Eat my exhaust chump!! :p

Day Out with My Best Friend Praveena

It seems, only two of us are the one rooting at home, waiting for something to happen.

Anyway, on Monday, it was a really spontaneous plan. And, as usual, Hwei Ming is always late.

I went out with Praveena to catch up on old times..

We urgent to Pyramid, and decided to eat lunch at Tony Roma's and well, do what we do best, talk and talk and talk..


Because, Praveena called me a China Apek because I took out of camera and started snapping pictures in Tony Roma's, I didn't get much picture in it..and it was my first time eating there.. -_-...

We talked and later, we switch place to Gloria Jean's Coffees.

There, we talk and talk picture!!

Most of the pictures below are taken by Praveena..

Couple in Ferry Wheels!

Struck By Nature

Struck by Nature Twice

Really the Lost City of Gold

Little Two Kids Wanna Be in the Picture..
Seriously, while we were snapping pictures, these two little kids just keep walking around and jumping in the camera view..

hah.. I got you kid now!! :p

Struck by Nature 3 times!

Struck by Nature 4 times!

Fatherly Love
Cute.. :p

Struck by Nature 5 times!!

I like the way the white outline appear at the edge of the leafs..
Are you feeling green already??

Seriously... She walked in when I was snapping..

*act innocent*

The Core 2 Duo!

I had fun that day, I hope you do too Prav..

Hem.. need a shave...

Another Post which I would like to include all these into 1 post!

It was raining, and I was having the Rain Rain get the hell away right now song in my mind..

And right after the down pour, I went to the garden and started snapping more photos...

One of my favorite picture is this one...
and I call it...

The 3 living roses and 1 dying roses.
As you all know, I have a thing for flowers..

I always dream of having a lover with skin as soft as a Rose petal,
Smell equally good as a scent of a Roses,
Lips as pink or red as a Rose,
Minus the torn!
*Need testosterone Injection*

Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia Lagi Boleh!

Malaysia Boleh ^2!! ^.^
One of the tallest I've spotted so far.

There is only 1 god, which is known as God in English, Tuhan in Bahasa Malaysia, Allah in Islam, and so on.. You get my point.

New Sign of Life!

Macro Leaf

Men's Best Friend

Men's Best food!! Also, Men's Best Friend's Best Food too!!


Orchid zoom...

Orchid Zoom Zoom...

Thai Airway?

So, kasi sikit comment if you are a pro photographer..
Any advise on how I can improve my pictures?


cindy said...

I'm no pro, but ur flowers and the raining pictures are nice! Ur dslr must be really good cause i can see d droplets on d wire!

Dan-yel said...

I love the most the pictures of the orchids, with the dew still on. Did you just then sprayed it with water?

Perhaps you can consider taking really close-up pictures of insects or sth in the dawn or dusk. Field of grass (black forefront), from a closed viewpoint near the ground facing the glowing sky could be great.

.germz. said...

I love the orchids!
I love the leaves!
All in all, i love your camera!

Mwahahas, so tempted to steal it ok :D Yupyup, agree with dan-yel. shots of sunset at the beach/from the top of a hill would be superbly great. but quite hard to find such view in kl la. hahaha or you can try taking photos of yummy food such as BAK KUT TEH. yumss*~! heavenly

i reckon anything that your dslr takes would look great :D

Wingie said...

seriously, your pictures are really good wei. I like the 3 roses one. Like damn emo hahaha. And how come got chicken in your compound? you jaga wan ah?

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Cindy: `-_-.. why never say the person take good picture hah? :p

dan-yel: no macro lenses to do nice insects picture.. :(.. it'll cost more.. and no.. it was after a rain when i took those pictures..

.germz.: you another one... say camera good..but camera man no good.. X.x..

wingie: wahahaha... kampung boy ma.. :p

JenKin Yat said...

the pics are quite ok til this point..

wait til u get a flash and a 50mm lens :P

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