Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Ranting

Because I have so many things to tell, and lazy to separate it into different post, I'm gonna rant all that I've got to say into one long post!


To start off,
1) OMG!! I've witness an accident today!

While I was driving at Jalan Loke Yew, famous for its accidents that will back up 1/2 of Kuala Lumpur, I've witness an accident.

How did it happen?
Gold Waja was speeding, slam the breaks, but, it wasn't good enough and BAAM!! into a gold Nissan Murano.

And, What did i did?
I, being a very good driver, did not slow down to back up traffic, in return I accelerated and continued my journey. :)

Lesson to be learn?
Don't drive fast la!!
Please know the different between driving fast and suiciding k...
Daddy always tell me,
"You be the best driver in the world, but you don't know the condition of your car"
Well, it has to be true, I don't have a F1 mechanics looking after my car. And to be honest, even an F1 car breaks down sometimes. But heck, I still cruise at 120 most of the time.

I forgot to take down the number plate to buy 4D and ToTo.. :(


Tomorrow is IELTS result day!

Why is it so important?
It determine my dad's RM830 investment on me, worth it or not.

What if I fail?
It gonna be another RM530...

What if I pass?
Manchester here I come!!

What if the results got delay?
Whack the lady at the counter to tell me that it is delayed.

Selepas itu!!

I'm not going to Australia Sydney!!

So sorry to the people who want me to go there.
I initially plan to fly there for 2 weeks and cam whore with all of you, but, there were no budget ticket, and, I have a responsibility to my family now. I'm leaving pretty soon, and I would like to spend it with them.

Truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.
You know, I will always be looking forward to the day, where we all can meet again.
I know it will be rare, but, I shall try!
I'll blog until you guy feel like I'm with you guys in Australia k? :)

Sorry Ruth, Sorry Seok Kheng, Sorry Yvonne, and.. Sorry Val... ( all girls.. :p )

I've finish a book titled "Death by Black Hole"
What is so great about the book?
Nothing really... Just knowledge about the Universe and how human hypothesis about the Universe. At the end of the book, the writers talks about religion versus science.

What changes will you feel after reading the book?
Well, everyone non-religious people knows that the Universe was created after Big Bang. Well, the author wrote, "then, god must be before big bang occurs, however, what was before god??"
I truly wonder, how did we started? How were we created?
According to the bible, God created earth in Seven days. But, during that time, how did we know, God's seven days is the same as the human's seven days, where a human day might be 24 hours, but, the God's seven days, might just be tens of thousand of years!!


My new book that I'm reading!

What the title?
"How doctors think"

What is it about?
How doctors think



Anybody wanna go out?
Anybody?? :'(


What do you think?

Oh yea.. Friday is good friday!

Happy Good Friday


Jan said...

accidents again ><~
malaysia is like that d... ppl drive teruk ><~

is the book nice??? btw my sis bought a book called the anatomy of love. which she says is goooood

curryegg said...

Accidents? Gosh.. that's scary...
And hey! You took IELTS? All the best ah.. Wish you all the best hwei ming.. go go jia yui!

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Jan: The book is fantastic.. but, I don't really think it is suitable for everyone. You need a certain degree of imagination...

Choo Hwei Ming said...

curryegg: Haha..your wishes really matters weih!! I got a 7.5!! woo hoo!!!

3POINT8 said...

Congrats on your ielts exam!
I'm taking mine next sat..

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