Monday, March 10, 2008

Political Out Come of Malaysia

With the reason outcome of the 12th General Election of Malaysia, it took the entire nation by surprise. The Malaysian Coalition party
has won a great victory in the previous 2004 general election which is the 11th
and in the period of 4 years, they have failed to maintain their position and
result in a catastrophic blow to them. In this 12th Malaysian General Election,
the coalition party has lose 5 states to the opposition party and lose their
2/3 majority rights in governing the country.

First things first, we must always look and learn the background of the both
side before making any comments. As what I am writing, this will be my point of
view. The coalition party is a mixture of a lot of little parties, but the main
build up of the coalition party is UMNO followed by MCA and MIC. The coalition
party has been the ruling party in Malaysia, since she got her independents
from Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1957. The coalition party has been dominate
party as it holds the 2/3 majority right ever since. What is this 2/3 majority
rights? Well, it is the right to pass a constitution with no opposition at all.

However, the coalition party, have been condemn for many reason, which won't be
disclose in this article as some issues are just too sensitive to be mentioned.
But, no matter how much condemn the party received, in most of the general
election, the coalition always stand triumph. This shows that, the people of
Malaysia, wasn't ready for a new party to govern this glorious nation and
wasn't sure of the plans the opposition party has in mind. Everybody in
Malaysia will agree with one thing, which is, progress is there, however, at
most time, progress comes with a more consequences which eventually led to more
condemn for the coalition party.

Now, here is where the opposition party steps in. DAP, an almost all Chinese
party, PAS, an almost all an Islam party, and PKR, establish in revenge of the
sacked deputy prime minister, are all those who are stood against the coalition
party. The opposition party in my opinion has never managed to state realistic
ideas on what they might or even how they might lead the country. Not to say to
BN, has it all good. The one thing that the opposition parties don’t have is a
long record for existence and being written in history as the party that got
Malaysia her independence. These were the disadvantages that the coalition
party never had and was running triumph on.

However, as the country aged into its 50th year of being independent, must
changes in the social economy patterns has already happened. People were
getting out of poverty and richer. Standard of living improved, and education
is a dim of a dozen. Who to acknowledge for this success is definitely the
coalition party. The ideas and commitment of the opposition party however, are
trash into the dustbin as they do not have 2/3 majority. It is a truly one
sided situation where, no other party other than the coalition party can take
up in such community effort and boosted up their reputation. Worst come to the
worst, the opposition party can only feed on the coalition party foot track and
fighting on what the coalition party missed and screwed up. This however, is
not a very productive way to win vote but in my opinion, is a starting point
for every party.

A failure in coalition party is amplified by the opposition party. A failure in
the opposition party is criticized by the coalition party. Vice Versa.

In the 12th general election, is definitely a starting of a new political
outcome in Malaysia. Never before does has this country had such drastic
changed in political outcome in a day. There are a few reasons that govern the
change in the standing of the coalition party in Malaysia.

Firstly, after about 50 years of receiving independence, Malaysia only went
through 5 prime minister. Which is about an average of 10 years serving time
each? Which also means, more time to screw up in a serving period and aging
manifestos? Hatred and discomfort from the people are building through these
times and eventually, the people just had enough, and believe, it is a time for
a change. However, what makes the opposition party reading for it? We shall see
in year to come.

Secondly, the coalition party mistakes are serious being bold, underline and
sized up. In the period of the 4 year interval of each general election leading
to the 12th, the coalition party has constantly being bombarded by the
opposition party, and towards the end of the term, a series of events occur,
which the coalition party didn't manage to apprehend. It is no surprise that
the opposition took comfort of this and gains its popularity.

Further more, people are more educated now since 50 years ago. When the
coalition party was the ruling party, they have pulled off some of the most
ridiculous act that made most people looking like a 5th grader. Countless of
times, people are powerless in speaking out, and the coalition representative
which they vote for, are following coalition party rules, and there for are
blissfully ignored. The opposition party however, has to remain silent as 2/3
majority wasn't theirs to brag about. I believe that people are just too tired
and want a tide of change to gain the power of the people once more.

How much advantage will the country gain from this change are truly unclear as
this is the first time such changes has occur. I believe this was a restoring
the people's power in practice that the governing rule has denied and I hope to
see more people practicing their rights.


SilverIsle said...

Woah. A very long post about the political situations in Malaysia. Well written!

We shall wait and see, whether the people's choice is right this time. And my instinct tells me that, my beloved homecountry will have a brighter future. =)

Johnny Ong said...

i finally concur with what u have written at the last para - people power.

pls bear in mind that the opposition managed to secure such a big win by virtue of voters' decisions. not by any other means, pure 1 vote each from each citizen.

people power decided to see what the opposition can do differently and if they fail, they will be voted out just like what they have done to bn.

amei79 said...

We should let oppositions have a chance & a try, if they can do better than BN, this meant a change is in need...or else, they will be voted out maybe aft 2 yrs or etc.

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