Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nuffnang Pajamas Party Birthday Bash!

Who ever isn't a Nuffnang member, please remember, you are missing out in a lot of fun!

So, this my full blog post on this Saturday big event, Nuffnang's Birthday party at Borneo Baruk Club, BBC! :p


BBC and smilling maid

At the entrance, there were no Miss Chipster waiting at the door for me, but, a Police Women with a whip and French Maid with a baton!
look to the left

Well, so I took some photo with them.. :P

Police women and french lady
*They taught me something new.. :) *

To begin with, This party was sponsored by chipsters, and there is no doubt, you'll find chipsters around.. Lotz of it!

You find chipters here...
More chipster
Pink doggy there...
Bear 3
More chipster there...
And oh... a pink goodie here!!

Blah... Enough crap talk..

So, I make some new friends....

Hwei Ming with more friends!
Hwei Ming, Me, Duh... David and Jan_E

Simon and Ming
Simon and ME
Curry Egg and curry eater
curry egg and curry lover.. But i much prefer fish curry..
(Kelly Tan and Hwei Ming)

Yatz and Mingz
The ONE and Only, Yatz, and The All in ONE and only, Hwei Ming..

amy and me!
Amy and Hwei Ming

I lose my virgin!
I've losed my virginity to Hau Yon


I met some old friend..

Cheng Kuan came.. Sorry la didn't pick up the phone.. :)
Shy la..

Hwei Ming and Cheng Kuan

Hwei Ming's Friend with another Hwei Ming's Friend
May Leng and Cheng Kuan

Hwei Ming & Friends
Hehe, I just wanna be inside the photo too..

Hwei Ming and May Leng
Me and May Leng.. We go way back being neighbor at Traffic Jam...

And.. There is a hot hot sexy girl, Malaysian Dream Girls also got no match..
Post number 2

Posing for Hwei Ming :p

Posing for my camera..
Hot girl and Hwei Ming
Must take a shot together also..

The table I was at with my newly made friends.. :)

Kong fu david
David was doing a Kung Fu stunt!
David on chair
Standing in chair it seems..

There was a Miss Chipster Unofficial, and there is Mr. Chipster..
Dan-yel was going for the sleepy look... with bath rub.. Lucky a nurse sitting on top of him while doing push ups..

Yatz was in Sarung!!

and..these are the random pics..
amy unknown and jan

Dusty and Unknown Girl
esther chin and Dusty..
The one and only JinKinYat
Yatz got a big premier.. :) Nice video by the way..

Malaysian Dream Girls
Malaysian Dream girl was there, so is Kenny Sia..
Kenny Sia with Malaysian Dream Girls

hot girl on the left
Miss Chipster is on the left..

Jan-E Bear

Well, Ending the post with a pink dog.. :)

I had fun, I hope all those people do too!!

God Bless and hope to see you all in more upcoming Nuffnang's events..

Anyway, lets exchange links!! :)


Hau Yon said...

fuwah..not virgin ade..tsk tsk la. Does your dad know what you do when you go out or not? tsk tsk..;] I had a great time too lol.

Jan said...

it is pinky norti bear... not pinkie doggie..
btw i wonder if there is so much pics of me because i asked for my photos??

hehe thanks again =]

Esther Chin said...

Somebody I didnt get the name and Dusty..

THE SOMEBODY is Esther Chin. and her website is

that is sooo not a flattering picture of her, btw.

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Hau Yon: well, my dad don't read my blog... maybe when i go oversea later.. but, yea.. he know how crazy i can get at times..

jan: it not a dog? OMG... well, if it is in my blog..then...its a dog.. :p

Alot of your picture meh?

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Esther Chin: alamak..hehehe..sorry la... haha... I'll note your name down la.. :)

curryegg said...

Uhh? Esther CHin is there? Why I didnt meet her geh?
Well hwei ming, your photo quality is so good le... better than mine.. can I steal some photos from you?
hehe.. thank ya...


David Cheong said...

Idiot! Had to post my incriminating pictures lah! Just you wait LOL...

dweam said...

EH. i'm Miss Chipster! hahaha. you damn cute la.

and nuffnang put the wrong blog address!


Dan-yel said...

Cool pictures dude, thanks for dropping by at my blog. I tend to write long long one.

Gosh, I can't help admiring how I look in your picture! Haha that was indeed a spontaneous shot. Thanks.

By the way, the 'hot hot sexy girl', in case you forgot, she's Luh Yann, my housemate. In my facebook friend list, wink*

Johnny Ong said...

did see u ard the party but didnt get to know u

JuLJuL said...

wow so much fun. wish i were there. =D

Choo Hwei Ming said...

curryegg: can take any pictures you want...

david: :P.. don't worry, my blog as as popular as yours.. so, not many people will view it... :p

dweam: Hey...Miss Chipster is here.. were funny with the Chipster our fit.. :p

Dan-yel:you look scary... :p.. but yea, spontaneous shots are the best.. but don't worry.. my blog in not popular..

johnny ong: well, there is always a next time to that!! I'm pretty i'll be joining most of nuffnang events till september.. :) anytime in between that, we must get to know each other!

juljul: Yea..wish harder!! you miss alot!! :p

joshuatly said...

too bad i cant go...
cant go cant go cant go!!!
Muss you all so much!

Wingie said...

WAH... seriously damn regret I didn't go. Looks damn fun... Nevermind, next time must go!!

Jan said...

poor norti bear become norti doggy ad...

shheeeez u say until me vy "ai"(chinese)

Choo Hwei Ming said...

"shheeeez u say until me vy "ai"(chinese)"(Jan,17th March 2008)

Haha.. I'm not Chinese educated la..

I'm a noob in Chinese!!

Michelle Chin said...

I wish i could go too.


Choo Hwei Ming said...

Michelle Chin: You are in Australia..and you wish you can go?

hem.. maybe ask timothy to establish Nuffnang Australia.. :p

Emoporer said...

Hello hello! Finally found you.. sorry, too much Heineken (half a glass :P) makes me forget things. Like names. And blog addresses. I don't remember asking for yours though.

Uhh, so that's what curryegg's called in real life. Haha, i believe it has something to do with her surname.

My stash of chipster packs went missing. Do you still have your large one? Haha.. Do you even gave your bag at all? :P

By the way, thanks for being so nice that night! :)


p.s. Have you found out who "There is a hot hot sexy girl" is? I wanna know! Haha.. Oh right, i remember she doesn't blog. DARN! XD

JenKin Yat said...

i thought who cheng kuan..say la Sara :P thanks for mentioning my name sooooo many times..LOL =P

Dan-yel said...

Taking one of your pictures ya mate? The one with me inside

Esther Chin said...

yes lah curry egg. esther chin was there and this bugger took a very ugly pic of here and post it up on his blog :(

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