Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random Ranting..

The following post, doesn't not contain any picture or any purposes at all!
Strictly for people who are as bored as me to read!


I'm feeling bored, so bored, why? well.. because, my iPod Touch was diagnose with a wifi problem. :( *no porn youtube video for me before going to bed*

Sad right?

Well, the good news is, apple is going to exchange me iPod for a brand new one! since, they told me "Erm.. we don't open repairs in malaysia, we'll just issue you a new one."

But, the down side is, I'm gonna wait 3-7 days for it!

How can one survive without its companion, its soul mate, its lover, its darling, its... iPod..

Well, enough is enough!


On the 8th March it is election day, people will be busy deciding what party to vote for, but, as for me, underage junior here, is gonna sit for is IELTS exam once again.

wish me luck guys..

gonna need all the luck i can carry!!


On the 8th of March too, right after my exam, well, there'll be an OBS YAC18 gathering!
Can't wait to see those buggers.. Well, to be honest, I cant remember so many of their names..

so, it'll be, Nameless Buggers!!

Details in FACEBOOK,

contact Evelyn or Wai Kwan..

If you cant remember them, I don't blame ya!! :p

*Don't kill me both of you!!*


I heard, Sony D-SLR A(Alpha) 350 will be release in March, well, I've also found out that it will be release on or about 21st March 2008...


Wanna start cam whoring ASAP!

If you got details and comment on the product, please do ship some advise here!


Argh, internship not going well, applying it also like so hard now.
DAddy told me not to take it if it has nothing to do with what I'm studying.. But, I'm freaking bored, I'll do anything!!
*Even Cam whore!*


Went to Taylor's the other day, met up with Miss Wong and Mr. Poova.
Both are doing fine!
Miss Wong misses me! :p
and, yea, she knows your blog addresses courtesy of , so, blog nicely, or she'll minus your marks!!

Mr. Poova has a blog too!
I'll feature him here for all of you, soon!


Australia trip, maybe jadi, since i might not do my intern, however, Yin Ying might not be able to make it!

*Bugg her if you want her to go!!*


Well, that just the begining of more random ranting to come!

Thanks for listening!



curryegg said...

Hehe.... youtube video? Lol..
And you love cam wore?
hehe... I guess everyone love it.. ;)

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Yea, iPod touch can watch youtube video with wifi..

haha... ever since i started whoring was a hobby...

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