Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pictures and some craps..

Sony alpha350 d-SLR Photos

I went garden one day, play shoot shoot...

I saw swarn swan, then, I shoot swan...
Nice or not??

People say crane symbolize longevity, but i think, swan got long neck..
Yes I know, not relevant.. :)

Swan also can snorkel!!

Duck with no head!!
Don't know go where...

While shooting.. hear plane...saw plane...shoot plane also...

The day before!!!

"OMG!! fire!! Quick.. Where is my camera??"
That was me when I spotted this smoky building!

I know tonight (27th March 2008) about 8 families will be sleeping in charcoal, about 100 families will be sleeping in trauma, and you reader will keep counting the floors and window in the picture.
Anyway, I didn't see no fire, no fellow jumping out of the building, no sense like September 11.

Too bad...

Well, one photo that I would like to share this week is:
Title"A Bug's Life!!"

Can you spot the bug in the picture?

Innovative Ideas!!

OMG... Check out the girl's legs!! veins on the hand!! fish bowl...Old PC


curryegg said...

WOw... you've taken these photo in a very nice way... especially the swarn.. oops swans.. haha... ;D

Dan-yel said...

4th pic from the top, cool ass...

Other than that, I love how your cam caught the ripples in clear definition, it just so real and post-card material.

Simon Seow said...

Nice photos, and funny comics. Thanks.

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