Saturday, April 19, 2008

It is a sign?

I receive a particularly weird comments in my friendster account. It was from Cindy (who the hell is she, I dont know), she is from US (do I know any girl from US, I don't think so), she don't have any friends, she is not my friend, and probably not your neither. But she gave me some good love advise!

Nothing is free in this world?

Well, thanks to cindy, I'm thinking twice about free stuff now!

See, it's free LOVE FACTS!!

After reading the 3 pictures that make my friendster profile look like the street of some disco club, I started thinking, is this a sign? A sign that I need? A sign that would change the course of my life history?

Well, thank god it wasn't for the weak minded, or els, one might do something silly...

Peace out, cindy!

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