Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy

Today is my Mum's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you..,
Happy Birthday to you......,
Happy Birthday to Mummy!!!.........,
BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY TOooooooooo........................ (Take a deep breath)....... Yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

Wahahaha... even though I'm still naughty as I was years ago, I think I'm just getting started..

Anyway, here's what I did during my mum birthday celebration..

We woke up early to go pray.. at:

DSC01239 copy

we took some pictures...
DSC01202 copy

and after praying..

We all went to Lemon Graden at Shangri-La

DSC01257 copy
And makan buffet!!!

Oh no!!! (Say good bye to my diet plan)

anyway, here is a picture on me and my mum...
DSC01354 copy

my dad and my mum..
DSC01385 copy

me and my dad..
DSC01273 copy

and my photographer... my sister.. X.x
DSC01280 copy

and, the food in Lemon Garden, is great!! but pricey..
ONLY go there if you are a member..

DSC01262 copy

DSC01271 copy

The desert conner is fantastic..
DSC01301 copy

DSC01299 copy

DSC01302 copy

Choc Fountain!!
DSC01325 copy

DSC01328 copy

DSC01323 copy

Candid shots...
DSC01348 copy

DSC01347 copy

My mum's birthday cake from Lemon Garden..
DSC01501 copy
some super cheesy cheese cake..

I eat until, siou de...

DSC01290 copy

Anyway, unrelated post, daddy say, house can finish in 1.5 more months!!
woo hoo!! gonna blog in my new house, real soon!!
DSC01181 copy


MeLiz said...

hey... where is the new house? my friend was saying it's somewhere near Kelana Jaya and I argued & it looks somewhere in Taman Desa to me...

Wingie said...

there's no way to deny that you are not your parents' son. the three of you look so alike!

Choo Hwei Ming said...

meliz: hahaha..you got it all wrong!! its in cheras..

wingie: haha...like parents like son.. :)

Nikkiko said...


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