Friday, April 18, 2008


Haha.. at last... candid!!

It might not be the last post about i said, I'm waiting for a day where I can fetch the D40 picture out..

anyway.. here is what we really do during my grandma birthday party..

DSC01796 copy
we cam whore a lot!! or maybe, its just me..

DSC01574 copy
we also take random picture..

DSC01668 copy
take picture of big pau that look like breast!!

DSC01666 copy
grab big pau that look like a breast like a real breast..

DSC01597 copy
take picture of people peeling egg...

DSC01619 copy

DSC01618 copy
Vege so long..thank god never chock..

DSC01622 copy
Lee Meng working the Canon 40D

DSC01833 copy
My dad and my uncle...

DSC01658 copy
Carl Zeiss lens cap??

Ooo....does that mean Carl Zeiss Lens?

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