Monday, April 14, 2008

All About Grandma, on Grandma's 83rd Birthday

There is a lot of pictures to be crop, edit, and resize, so, I'll break up Mama's Birthday post into several post.

These picture are from my camera, the other pictures in the other camera might be posted up when I get them.

These pictures were taken in Oversea Restaurant...
DSC01809 copy

And this is my grandma!!

DSC01578 copy
The only grandma left... No more grandpa.. X.x.. So must sayang extra...

DSC01675 copy
Haha... I believe this is too much sugar for an old lady.. But heck.. who cares.. :P

DSC01711 copy
A happy grandma, is A Happy Grandson!! X)

DSC01721 copy
haha... we all take photo while the candle were lighten until it was exhausted!!

Where is the photo?

Its coming up next, in a day or two... :)

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