Thursday, April 17, 2008

all about me, on my grandma's birthday

I'm pretty sure some of you are gonna get real bored real soon... But don't worry, only left the candid picture during my grandma's birthday left. And, it will most probably be tomorrow..

So, stick around... I promise its gonna be a funny one..

Anyway, here are the pictures that has me in it!!

DSC01730 copy
I love you grandma!!

DSC01825 copy
Hwei Ming and his uncle...

DSC01823 copy
Hwei Ming and his eldest cousin.. He is single by the way, anyone interested?

DSC01821 copy
The family's Doctor...

DSC01650 copy
Ling... Ming... and Ying... I have too much -ing for a day!!

DSC01822 copy
Man-U fan's girlfriend..

DSC01824 copy
I think, i'm wearing the dragon shirt too often.. :p

DSC01829 copy
My tukang gaji...what lucky person... eat more than me man...

DSC01818 copy
Cousin sister, the Selangor Swimmer..

DSC01820 copy
Lee Meng and Hwei Ming...

anyway, I want to make a special thanks to Lee Meng for taking some of the pictures for me..

Thanks!! (Will be waiting for the Canon D40 Pictures)

DSC01819 copy
and... the youngest of all cousin... cute or not??

DSC01826 copy
haha.. I didnt know what caption to put in, and I can't remember the girl's name..
So, just settle for that caption k!!

ok..ok..anyway.. tomorrow or the day after, candid shots.. (Not to be miss!!)

Bye bye for now..


Jan said...

waa really a lot of pics huh~~~
the stup college comp take along time to run it @@

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

hey , the guy with the caption man u fan is cute... not that you're not... Just that he "outwits , outplays and outwins" you.... hahaha

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