Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All About Family, on Grandma's Birthday

The continuation of my Grandma's Birthday celebration post...

after cake cutting ceremony, everyone started cam whoring..

I was one of the first to cam whore with my grandma.. picture will be posted in the following post..


my family, the Choo Family..

DSC01757 copy
grandma looks tired..

DSC01707 copy
There are actually more cousin, but they are all oversea.. they sure miss something...

DSC01701 copy
The aunties and uncles...

DSC01755 copy
The cousin again..

DSC01751 copy
The Blood related...

DSC01764 copy
other than my dad ,not very blood related.. but still family...

DSC01781 copy
The grand aunties and uncle

DSC01593 copy
The cousin again!! happy people..

anyway, more picture to be up next...

*Picture are tag for a reason. For non-tag picture, drop me a message or email somewhere I can read.

*Not all picture are posted due to privacy reason

Before going.. I want to share a video with you guys, fetch from Dan-Yel blog..

This video worth a watch, even though it is 1hr length..

It all about the future of the middle class people..


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