Monday, January 29, 2007

Yap Ah Loy's last grandson dies at 97

24 Jan 2007,KUALA LUMPUR: George Yap Swee Fatt, the last grandson of Yap Ah Loy, KL’s Kapitan Cina, died yesterday morning. He was 97.His last moments were spent with his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren at his eldest daughter’s residence here."He was frail towards the end," said his eldest daughter, Datin Patricia Indot nee Yap. "But he lived a good life and he was always proud to know that he came from one of KL’s founding families that contributed much towards the city’s early development." Yap (picture), who was the youngest son of Yap Hon Chin, remembered in interviews the opulent life his father lived in KL’s old quarters near the Chin Woo stadium.He studied at the Victoria Institution, was a scholar who won book prizes, played cricket, tennis and was an active orator and drama member. Yap, who worked as a health inspector until he opted for early retirement, married Lucy Ho Kam Leng who passed away 25 years ago.They had one son and three daughters: Henry Yap who is in the United States, Patricia Indot in KL, May Yeow in Canada and Fanny Tan in Singapore. His children have all retired, with only Fanny Tan still working as a deputy principal of ACS Singapore (Independent).He leaves behind seven grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren."His favourite pastime was to hang out with his friends in their sixties whom he affectionately termed as young punks."The wake is at 30 Jalan Tualang, Bukit Bandaraya, here. Cortege leaves for the Cheras crematorium at 2pm today.


SoulAsylum said...

What and old dude. almost a century old wey. his jeans must be power!

Kapitan Yap said...

What a coincidence. There was a big annual gathering to honour Kuala Lumpur's greatest Kapitan, at his grave in Kwong Tong cemetery this 7May, attended by some descendents of Yap Ah Loy, from Yap Hon Chin's side too. This year 2017, also marks Yap Ah Loy's 180th Anniversary.

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