Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rain's coming to town!

Rain born on 25 June 1982 in Seoul) is a male Korean R&B and pop singer, and a rapper for the boyband Fanclub. He has become well-known throughout East Asia -- including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia and Thailand -- as a leading star of the Korean wave, otherwise known as Hallyu. He has been called the "Asian Usher" or the "Asian Justin Timberlake." In April 2006, Time named him the world's second most influential entertainer

Rain, more known as Hujan is malaysia!
With excessive rain, you get flood!
I known symdrome have sweep throught out Asia Pasific region lately, which results in Flood..
have anyone wonder.. where did all the rain come from?
Why did it happen when both rain is coming to malaysia??

*result of excessive rain!

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