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May 13 Issue!

May 13, a date not to be forgotten by all Malaysian!

This edition of May 13 may or may not to content with true or false information!

If you are a very Patriotic person, a Malay, an Islam (you get what i mean), plz dont continue reading!

Plz dun throw me in Internal Security Act (ISA) Jail! *where Anwar was put!*

This blog post is neutral and shall be not use for anyway aggression nor provocation.

Admin shall not be responsible for any code of law, goverment law, whatever law at all for damage this article have done on humanity!

Because this is such a controversial issue, human sources would not be name and hold not liability to this blog and to who it may concern.

It short terms, no law can be prosecuted to anyone at all because of this blog!


13 May 1969, is indeed no doubt a turning point for Malaysia then and now.

In the May 10, 1969 general elections, the ruling Alliance coalition (Barisan Nasional) headed by the UMNO suffered a large setback in the polls. The largely Chinese opposition Democratic Action Party and Gerakan gained in the elections, and secured a police permit for a victory parade through a fixed route in Kuala Lumpur.

However, the rowdy procession deviated from its route and headed through the Malay district of Kampung Baru (Near Chow Kit), jeering at the inhabitants. Some participants brandished banners and placards bearing slogans such as "Kuala Lumpur sekarang China punya" (Kuala Lumpur now belongs to the Chinese), "Orang Melayu balik kampong" (Malays go back to the villages), "Melayu sekarang tidak ada kuasa lagi" (Malays now no longer have power), and "Semua Melayu kasi habis" (Finish off all the Malays). Some demonstrators carried brooms, later alleged to symbolise the sweeping out of the Malays from Kuala Lumpur, while others chanted slogans about the "sinking" of the Alliance boat — the coalition's logo.

While the Gerakan party issued an apology the next day, UMNO announced a counter-procession, which would start from the Selangor Chief Minister Harun bin Idris'(the culprit) home in Jalan Raja Muda. Tunku Abdul Rahman would later call the retaliatory parade "inevitable, as otherwise the party members would be demoralised after the show of strength by the Opposition and the insults that had been thrown at them." (Basically, the malays can not tolerate humour!... and they can not be control, not even Tunku Abdul Rahman can control them!.. and by saying those words, Tunku actually indirectly support the riot!)

Shortly before the procession began, the gathering crowd was reportedly informed that Malays on their way to the procession had been attacked by Chinese in Setapak, several miles to the north.(There were no prove of such attack until today!) The angry protestors swiftly wreaked revenge by killing two passing Chinese motorcyclists, and the riot began. During the course of the riots, the loudspeakers of mosques were used to urge the rioters to continue in their actions.(Missuse of religious property and adding to the provocation!..somehow, the malays never got blame for the ever continuing riot they keep exciting!)

The riot ignited the capital Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding state of Selangor, but except for minor disturbances in Melaka the rest of the country stayed calm. A nationwide state of emergency and accompanying curfew were declared on May 16, but the curfew was relaxed in most parts of the country for two hours on May 18 and not enforced even in central Kuala Lumpur within a week.

According to police figures, 196 people died, 149 were wounded. 753 cases of arson were logged and 211 vehicles were destroyed or severely damaged. An estimated 6,000 Kuala Lumpur residents — 90% of them Chinese — were made homeless(basically, the chinese was caught by suprise which clearly shows that the malays started it!!). Various other casualty figures have been given, with one thesis from a UC Berkeley academic putting the total dead at ten times the government figure(the goverment lie about the figure).

Those article above were the edition of Wikipedia and edited by me!

Somehow, after doing much research, the content contradict itself!

According to Wikipedia
Shortly before the procession began, the gathering crowd was reportedly informed that Malays on their way to the procession had been attacked by Chinese in Setapak, several miles to the north.The angry protestors swiftly wreaked revenge by killing two passing Chinese motorcyclists, and the riot began.[Wikipedia, January 2006]

according to

"May 13 - Before and After"Excerpts of this book by (the late) Tunku Abdul Rahman, them Prime Minister of malaysia, published in September 1969 May 13, 2003

May 13th
..…A phone call came through at 6.45pm that an ugly incident had taken place along Jalan Raja Muda in which some Chinese were assaulted.
Immediately afterwards Enche Mansor, the Kuala Lumpur Police Traffic Chief, and one or two others, came to see me and said that there had been killing. The city had been placed under immediate curfew as at 7 pm. The Security Forces were out, the army called in.
Naturally I could not sleep that night, my mind upset with the tragedy that had overtaken our peaceful capital and nation. I went out side my balcony outside my room looking down on the city in the valley by night. Flames were burning high in several areas, near Kampong Bharu and to the North.
Kuala Lumpur was a city on fire
and it was a sight that I never thought I would see in my lifetime.
While they were gathered in the compound of Dato Harun's residence news came through suddenly that Chinese had attacked Malays in Setapak, a mile or two to the North, as they were on their way to join the procession starting from Jalan Raja Nuda.
The news created a storm of indignation; hell broke loose. Two Chinese passing by on motor cycles were attacked and killed.
And so the riots of May 13th began, triggering off violence unprecedented in the history of Malaysa.[, January 2006]

By comparring these 2 articles,
It cleary show that, Riot by Dato Harun has already began! The city was arson by the Malays and killing of the chinese has already taken place! Therefore, like the "Malays" the Chinese has also taken a "counter riot" as it was inevitable, as otherwise the Chinese would be demoralised after the show of strength by the Malay and the insults(murdering) that had been done to them!

However, as said, no prove of those murder has taken place!


Witness that shall not be name inform me that, during the gathering in Kampung Bharu, the malays already had weapon in their hand. Even before the riot broke out, there were a sudden increase of Malays in the area. And at a given time, the Malays draw out their knife and started massacaring the Chinese in that Area. If the claim that the Chinese started killing in Setapak started first, why would the Malays be well prepared with Knife and Parang?

Another eye witness added that the Malays was carrying lots of bag at that time. And at the given time, which the witness forgetten, the Malays distributed the weapon and started killing the Chinese.

Witness had it that, Chinese houses were burn, girls were rape! And some were burn alive in their vehicles!

However so, The chinese do retal to the attacks made by the malays. So, that makes eveyone even!


I strongly suggest the goverment would get an honest and clearer picture on this matter!
Keeping this issue neutral in our text book and history is strongly recomended!
No party should be blame for any reason as each party has already done wrong!
More dasar Malaysia should be conducted!
Take down the Bumi's rights as it is already too one sided!(can anyone tell me what is in it for us for being a Malaysian?)(RM500 a month to non-working graduate Bumi's??)(What about us Chinese??Indian??Lain-lain???)

Somehow, this goverment isnt really going to right way!

Notice how lesser and lesser Chinese are there in the streets?
Foreign investor complain internationally about our racism issue!
Liccense of Chinese company can not be renewed, and to only get it renewed, you have have the right quto of Malays in your company..what the heck is that??
If you are a Bumi's(Malays) you get everything cheaper!
If you are a Bumi, you get into local UNI easier.. Do you think that is why Chinese are lesser as we all seek oversea education?? And because of that, the malays claim that the the chinese are living a luxury life!
Getting paid Rm 500 a month doing nothing if you are a bumi!
What is wrong with this country??

I strongly belive if this persist, our country wont progress and be a competition to bigger power such as China nor US!

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