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Air Asia Snack Attack! ( it will bite you! )

AirAsia is a low-cost airline based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights and is Asia's leading low fare, no frills airline. It is also the first airline in the region to implement fully ticketless travel and unassigned seats. AirAsia has been expanding rapidly and is very popular among the travelling public thanks to its frequent low fare deals. Its main base is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Air Asia goes under the motto, "NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY".

Well, so happen Air Asia was my Carrier plane to Macau!

Got up early one day, i did last minute packing(You :)

Rush to KL Central, manage to get into bus(Aero Bus(RM8)-Cheaper by RM1 to SkyBus(RM9))

Got to LCCT, check in and waited for my plane.

Well, once the flight plane was called, i got into my plane.. It was a brand new AirBus320(above)! The flight attendents was hot and pretty. The seat stylish black leather seat with a nice combination of a red seat belt!

But, Sadly, since AirAsia was a budget airliner, the seat was make closer to one another and therefore removing much needed leg space for tall people like me.

Well, as the plane take off, everything was cool, the take off was superb, no ear ache!

Well, thing doesnt really turn out good if you are hungry in AirAsia!

Snack Attack! (AirAsia blood sucking in-flight snacks, refreshment and merchandise services!)

In the Menu, there was a describtion"Snack and shop away with us whilst enjoying your flight. Choose from a range of appetising meals, snacks, and drink from our snack attack range and indulge in some high-attitude shopping at the same time."
At the same time, AirAsia had to announce their no outside food policy. They event added that you can get food from their snack attack service at an affortable price, and so it seem to be..

Here is their signature food, Nasi Lemak!
For those of you who can not read the description propoely,
it says,

Nasi Lemak,Traditional Malaysian favourite. Tender Chicken rendang with fragrant coconut milk and pandan rice. Served warm with accompaniments and Snack Attack's Special sambal sauce. RM7(Note the freakishly small price tag!) Hey... it is also their best seller!

and so, the menu goes on with more eye opener...
Hot Bowl Noodles(RM7) same with nasi lemak!

Cheapest thing, oreo biscuits RM3
Note that, Milo-MiloFuse3in1 is RM4.. And they just add hot water to go with it!



So, while on my way back from Macau, i was force to eat their food, Nasi lemak was just moderate. You actually can get a better RM1 nasi lemak on the ground and it is like 100times better. The Nasi Lemak looks nothing like the picture! Every Scope i took, i was thinking about the 7packet of indoe mee i could have eaten for 1 packet of nasi lemak!


(Ground Mineral Water)*bring yourself*-RM0.00(Free)

(Ground Nasi Lemak)*bring yourself*-RM1.00(very cheap)

(Ground Snack)*bring yourself*-RM2.00(very cheap)

Haha.. Basiccally, AirAsia, is a con artist! Eating onboard sometimes would even cost more than your flight ticket. Sometimes i wonder if they want us to pay higher fares, why don’t they just say so. don’t hide them under the facade of “taxes” and “fuel surcharge”, making the passenger believe he is getting a bargain (or free ticket ~ yeah right, airasia), when in fact the revenue is earned thru such devious means. often you may pay more in these surcharges than the actual airfare itself. since the rise in oil prices, airlines have been increasing their fuel surcharges again and again. (now, does this make sense? i thought fuel was the major operating cost for any airline, so why the surcharge? if fuel prices go up, so naturally would fares. but fares stayed low (or hey, free man ~ yeah right, airasia), while fuel surcharges sky-rocketed.

now that oil prices have fallen by some 30%, did the airlines lower or withdraw their fuel surcharge? nope.

well, okay, that’s not entirely true. at least one airline did lower its surcharges (see below). but the amounts are so token (hello, 50 cents?), they are laughable.

i think it is time to expose the airlines for the frauds that they actually are.

CX Fuel Surcharges will be revised as follow for ticket issue/reissue
on/after 01Dec06.

I/ FROM USD61.70/HKD481.00 TO USD59.70/HKD466.00
II/ FROM USD15.00/HKD117.00 TO USD14.50/HKD113.00

Below please find the details:
1. The surcharge will be revised for ticket issue/reissue on/after and travel on/after 01Dec06.

2. USD59.70/HKD466.00 or equivalent for CX flight coupons between HKG and South West Pacific, North America,
Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asian Sub-Continent, between Bangkok and Dubai.

3. USD14.50/HKD113.00 or equivalent for CX flight coupons not mentioned in point 2.

fuel surcharges easily cover a third of the cost of fuel on flights

a calculation from a pilot over at PPRUNE shows that the fuel surcharge currently covers a very large percentage of the cost of fuel on most flights. the calculation is approximately:
a full flight (worst case) has probably 90 tonnes of fuel or 720 barrels. At us$60/barrel, it is about us$43,000.
at a us$56.2 surcharge each for 300 passengers, the total surcharge revenue is about us$17,000.

So it is about 40% or more of the fuel cost.


Now, Everyone can fly and be cheated at the same time!

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Great review and photos, well done. Always interested to hear how people are being treated on Air Asia.

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