Sunday, February 4, 2007

What you should not say to god!

Things never to say to GOD, that could send you to hell.

"I'm A Republican"

"why do you allow YOUR faggot pedophile priests to sodomize YOUR children?""

"I would tell you "you suck", but you don't exist in the first place"


"Why do you allow people to use your name to promote hate and enrich themselves?"

"i hate you and i love satan"

"I could do a better job, as a fallible human, than you have"

"Let me tell u about a couple of things u really F'ed up on ...."

"Excuse me, you appear to be in my seat"

"Jesus Fuckin' Christ"


"Did You Fart ?"

"why didn't you make everyone white?"

"why was that lying hypocrite Card. Bernard Law put in charge of 1M Catholics?"

"you don't scare me one f*cking bit"

"How big of an asshole can u really be ....?"

"Does dese pants make my ass look fat?"

"You can just go to Hell!!"

"What in God's Hell?"

"Oh!!! My God"

"couldn't you think of a less painful way for your son to die?"


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