Thursday, February 22, 2007

FBI (Freakyishly Big Influence!)

A standard measurement on how thing are done, MY WAY!!


I am a Victorian! And the Victorian spirit lives in me!

I live by the saying, Be Yet Wiser!
and by the motto, To be a scholar, sportsman, and a gentleman!
I do think beyond your understanding because i was grom to do so in VI.
In VI, we do stuff beyond understandable reason!
But, the aim is simple, to exel together, and stay united no matter what happens!
*Those are just few of the awards, or metal badgets that i was awarded in VI!

VI is the second oldest school in Malaysia.
And, I am pround to be part of it!
Part of its rich cultural, historical and traditional value!
I was a prefect in Victoria Institution! And till this day the the VIPB(Victoria Institution Prefect Board) till rings in my head in whatever i do.
Which is, "On the bearing of the Prefects depends the tone of the school."

Not only was I am a prefect in VI, but i was also, i member of its Editorial Group. Called, VEB(Victorian Editorial Board) I was the form 5 Representator.
I was the president of Horticultur Club in VI too.

And kid me not, it is one of the best club in VI!
I also have my "lisence"from the asrama boy in my school.
To all my friends and buddies in VI,
the war dance still rings in my head!

"To live to live, to die to die"

Blood Brothers for life!

To my Prefect White Batch!

I'll shall always honour you guys as you guys have been with me, in rain or shine. And i honestly tell you that, nothing could come inbetween our bond as one! There is nothing we cant handle together!!

Abang Ash, thanks for being there for me as a great tutor and also a brother!
Abang Syamir, I love you!! You have been the greatest general!

Curently, I'm now in VIOBA, a proud club for old Victorian that i am!

So, in total, if you mess with me, you know what you'll get!!
*a proud Victorian!*


Next, my G4 Class!!

I am the Class Rep of the Best Class in SAM in Taylor's College! I love my class alot!!

The mother of all gangster!!
Dont play play!!
If she says she's god.. She is!!
She is Praveena!!!
To all you G4-ians!!
Remember.. Hwei Ming loves you!!
AoD, UC, ABS, Covenant, TLC, WK, TBH, Honda, Xanth, Sabbath, GRS and many more.
No details will be given. Sorry! P&C
But, you can try messing with me if you want to find out more.
*p.s. Please, remember who you are!
*I am a kind person, you can ask all of my friends.
*Just don't cross my limit and you''ll be fine!!
*I have very high limits..dont worry!!
~Hwei Ming

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Anonymous said...

This is ur SC. Thanks for the kinds words. Saw this after 5 years from random web search of VIPB pictures.

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