Friday, February 23, 2007

Make Peace!

Today, while I was walking out of the cinema after watching ghost rider!! (Cool Movie!)

I heard the loud noice (glass breaking and table banging)

I though it was just some usual glass breaking event, but I was wrong!

It was some couple fighting in the middle of Leisure Mall in Little Vietnam!

What the heck is wrong here?
1)Why on earth are they fighting in public?
2)Why do you have to show your temper in public?
3)Why is the guy standing up and looking down at her girlfriend like he is going to beat her up?
4)Why is she crying?
5)Why is everyone looking at them?
6)Why am i looking at them?

But one thing for sure!!

It ain't the way to treat a girl that way!!

Are there no more quality man left in this world?

To all the men out there:
Please recognize women as part of an independent biological entities and at no cause at all should you ever just slam your temper at her.

To all the women out there:
Why in the world would you couple with such guy? Don't you know how to choose?Blind??

Ever wonder,sometime, you do so much of good just to get this world to be a better place and some people just come and destroy it infront of your face?

Guys, come a man..and for once,do the right thing!

And girl, come on..for once in your life, stand up and fight for yourself!

To those of you who are already fighting, good for you!

Remember, you are powerful! you are you!

Guys, plz, dun be selfish and help those who are in needs. Stop abusing your children or your wife, or your girlfriend for god sack! It is not nice.

Try not to lose your temper in public too, it really shows you are emotionally weak! It doesnt matters if you hair is so spike up till "jatuh cicak mati!" or your collar freakyishly open wider than your shoulder! If you lose you, you'll lose all of it!

So, think again how much peacful this world would be, if you have taken a few second thinking before acting!

I care, but, do you?
~Hwei Ming

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