Sunday, June 17, 2007

Command and Conquer 3

EA Game, one of the world famous game producer, proudly present it's new Command and Conquer game name, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium War , Kane's Edition.

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium War, Kane Edition is a continuation of Command and Conquer Tiberium Sun.. The game depicts a war between GDI and NOD. Two different ideologist with two different goals on earth ever since the tiberium plauge.
In C&C3, what really bugs me the most was the fantastic graphic. This is a game where they kind of push your processor, graphic card and RAM to its limit.

Every single image is visible to its bullet.
Missile trait looks terribly clear..
Explosion on building isnt synchronize which makes this game ever more realistic.
However, C&C is a futuristic game and for those of you who much prefer playing stone age games like Age of Empire, you might not like this game.

In C&C3 however, EA have introduce a new character into the game that is SCRIN, and alien race trying to take over earth while NOD and GDI were in battle.
Tiberium War version of Tripod!

DIE! alien DIE!

What was the fun part of Tiberum War was its super weapon!

EA have done great job in keeping the super weapon effect realistic up till your knees!

You could actualy bullet marks on that mini alien air craft.

Take a load of this mother ship from the SCRIN race..

Its Gigantic!
It so cool, even when it fires, it make really nice effects!

Well, just be sure to watch out for other Super Weapon!
This could happen to you easily!

Well, thats it for now!
Take care, God Bless!

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