Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boring and Busy Life..

Well, Lately, I've havent been blogging for a good lots of time.. My internet was down.. so down that, i lose hope of even continuing blogging.. :P
well, this was what i did during that time..
Took Pictures.. Me and Val.. Min Yuan..

val and Min yuan
Kim, the korean guy, Yvonne and Yan Min.. and the guy on kim's me! I''m huge!!

Well, i had some research skills presentation..and, well, this is wert i did during my practise time.

This is my research group! Minus Caleb..
me been stoning the entire presentation.. i really felt bad.. i didnt do much for the presentation.. kekeke...sry guys.. this post..dedicated to you la..hahah...

Me and Miss Ooi Yin Ying.

The Nuclues.. god knows why my picture is it in.. :p

The i ngam key gang..
This is Christin
This is Muna..
This is...christin and muna.. :P

God Bless malaysian and forgein too..

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